Write For Us/Guest Posting

Write For Us/Guest Posting

Bulusup Yemek is looking for creative writers and editors who can produce high quality content! Professional writers and editors, as well as passionate wordsmiths from those with experience in food Blogs, Recipes, are encouraged to apply.We highly encourage people who provide us with their Restaurant price list or Recipes If you want. This is a distant prospect, and international subjects are encouraged as well. 

Without a doubt, being a guest writer is a great way to gain exposure and learn new things. With this in mind, it would be best for us to consider our application if you have an exceptionally unique recipe idea, a meal from one of your recent travels, or a relevant   review. 

Please Note : that our Bulusup Yemek Website is based on the Turkish Language so we will convert your article to Turkish Or if you don't want we will post in on English Language only. 

What type of articles do we accept?

  1. Food Recipes
  2. Personal Food Recipes
  3. Travel Review about your food experience 
  4. Restaurant Menu with all Details about your Restaurant ( Including location and contact Number)
  5. Baking Methods 
  6. Nutrition 
  7. Healthy Living 
  8. Dieting 
  9. Travel Plans 
  10. Product Reviews 
  11. Parties
Note: We only accept original articles and do not aggregate content.

Bulusup Yemek “Write For Us” Writing Guidelines

  • The main point or 'hook' of the article should be specified and discussed in the introduction.
  • You should also add bullet points to support the idea of ​​why your writing topic will appeal to our loyal readers.
  • The article you came up with must be related to food and agriculture, especially something that hasn't been covered on our website before.
  • Including potential sources such as reference links and related reports is also an effective way to support and validate your articles. 
To discuss guest post cost and to send all details you can send message here :- bulusupyemek@gmail.com

Our Contact Page : Contact Us

Bulusup Yemek’s submission guidelines

  • Title: Provide three catchy title options
  • Article length: 800 words minimum. Articles less than 600 words will not be considered.
  • You can Include hyperlinks (do not use footnotes) when referring to other sources.
  • Required Photo: Include a landscape photo for the article with citation and caption
  • Required Bio: Include a short bio and headshot of yourself
To discuss guest post cost and to send all details you can send message here :- bulusupyemek@gmail.com

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